What I do

I’m a designer,  I work for theater and for film (and of course also for commercials, advertisement, viral videos, social stuff on the web and so on).

I design costumes: some of them are for fantastic creatures, for stilt-walkers, or for dancers and jugglers and their aim is to surprise you and let you dream of a magical world. But I design also more realistic costumes trying to give a shape to the psychology of the characters or to express the idea of the theater play.

I design spaces: for films and commercials I have designed all kinds of spaces: the secret chamber of a disabled boy, college dorm rooms of 5 very different characters (decorating again and again the same four walls!), 6 metaphorical representation of a woman’s ages, a Russian church, a Romanian check point…
I have worked with many artists designing spaces for their performances, video installations and video art.

What happened till now? I studied architecture in Milan, set design in Munich and fashion in New York accumulating 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry (not only as a designer but also performing myself on stage and on stilts and traveling with my creations all over Europe and sometimes also in other continents).
My theater costumes were described in the press as “impressive”, “magnificent” and “breathtaking”. My creations “haute couture on stilts” were published in German Elle Dekoration.
I’m credited as set designer in 10 award-winning short films, 2 feature films, multimedia installations of international recognized artists, commercials and social campaigns.