I'm a costume designer working in major theaters and a set designer for film and art installations.

“Leben und Schicksal” Theater Bremen
“Der Biberpelz” Staatstheater Cottbus
“Die Schwarze Spinne” Bühnen Bern
“Gabriel” Saarländisches Staatstheater
“Mutter Courage” Hungarian Theater Cluj
“Le réquerant” Genéve

Licca Line on stage again in 2012

licca line

“Licca Line”, performed in July 2011 for an audience of 5000, will be on stage again in June 2012.

I have designed all costumes for this magical show which is a sort of trip thru a magic kingdom of long forgotten creatures.
Many of the characters are traditional German (actually Bavarian) fairies and elves living in the forest of southern Germany and being mean with people passing by.. especially in the night!

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