I'm a costume designer working in major theaters and a set designer for film and art installations.

ON STAGE IN 2022... hopefully!!!
“Der Biberpelz” Staatstheater Cottbus
“Metropol” Schauspiel Köln
“Umkämpfte Zone” Staatstheater Cottbus
“Mutter Courage” Hungarian Theater Cluj
“Blick von der Brücke” Schauspiel Düsseldorf
“La Cantatrice Chauve” tournée

About a Girl is available on DVD and on iTunes

About a Girl: the film directed by Mark Monheim and featuring Heike Makatsch and Jasna Fritzi Bauer was released in german theaters in summer 2015 and is now available on DVD, amazon prime (Germany) and on Itunes (Germany). I was in charge of the production design.

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