I'm a costume designer working in major theaters and a set designer for film and art installations.

“Leben und Schicksal” Theater Bremen
“Der Biberpelz” Staatstheater Cottbus
“Die Schwarze Spinne” Bühnen Bern
“Gabriel” Saarländisches Staatstheater
“Mutter Courage” Hungarian Theater Cluj
“Le réquerant” Genéve

Happy New Year!!

To share with the world my new passion for the Virtual Reality I have made this little holiday video using Tiltbrush.


Happy new Year to all of you!!!

And thank you so much to VRbase Berlin for giving me the opportunity to experiment with the program and to the World VR Forum in Geneva for letting me use their equipment.

If you want to experience the full scene in VR, or even remix it, you can find it in Poly.