I'm a costume designer working in major theaters and a set designer for film and art installations.

“Leben und Schicksal” Theater Bremen
“Der Biberpelz” Staatstheater Cottbus
“Die Schwarze Spinne” Bühnen Bern
“Gabriel” Saarländisches Staatstheater
“Mutter Courage” Hungarian Theater Cluj
“Le réquerant” Genéve

Kids4kids at Unicredit Festspielnacht

Kids4kids have been invited to perform at the Unicredit Festspiel-nacht on June 23rd.

For me it is a great pleasure that the performers will wear my costumes on the big stage in front of thousands of people!

In the 30 min. program you will see the best of “Zu lange unter Palmen”

23. June 8PM | Munich | Fünf Höfe


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